Thursday, October 19, 2006

SPS 75 - Tribute to Svenska

This episode is all about Sweden, and Orlando is on board to help me give well deserved props to everybodys favorite Scandinavian country. We also talk about the Iron Maiden concert and I make a big annoucement.

There are two Swedish songs in this episode, 'Tony the Beat' by the Sounds, and 'Walk Idiot Walk' by Hives!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

SPS 74 - Beans and Billy

I've got Bean Man on the show tonight, Beans is in a jazz band with Schmee from the Nodcast, Bluesmen Get Hungry, they've even got a podcast for the band -

Beans and I chat about music and a few other random topics. Bean Man is famous for his prank calls, so I had to get him to do some pranks wth me - even Billy drops by to say hi.

The song in this episode is Soul Personality by Bluesmen Get Hungry

Thursday, October 12, 2006

SPS 73 - Thomas and Orlando in the Hizzy!

this is a special episode of SPS, I have two guests tonight - Thomas from the Pease and Heintz podcast, and Orlando from FGF.

Thomas tells us what it's like going to a boarding school, and Orlando schools us on being a metal head.

There are a couple of prank calls & a song by the Killers.

Go check out Thomas's podcast -

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SPS 72 - The Big Snow Show!

Canadian Thanksgiving wrap up

Two movie reviews - AV and the Departed

the Toronto Snow Show is on this weekend, if I'm lucky I'll get to see Shaun White

I play a podsafe song! Supermarket, by Russell Wolff

I got two xbox 360 games - Amped 3 and NHL 07. Got a gamer tag? Send me an email to let me know what it is!

A Word From Billy - women choose their favorite positions

the Pease and Heintz podcast is back - go check it out!

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

SPS 71 - Ping Pong Freak

I got a xbox 360 and it's pretty sweet. I do a quick review of the 4 games, and talk about scary 10 year olds on xbox live.

School is good, and I found my niche at work - I'm a bagger!

School Dance!

My girlfriends getting a tattoo!

Orlando joins me for a prank call to Tim Hortons

grouse song - 'don't know Jack' by Los Capitanes

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