Sunday, April 30, 2006

SPS 38 - Covered Head To Toe

This is a special covers version of Short Poppy Syndrome. I play my 5 favorite covers of all time, with songs by the Flaming Lips, the Cat Empire, Sea Weed, the Herd and the Kaiser Chiefs.

hope you all like covers as much as I do,

Cheers, Henry -

Thursday, April 27, 2006

SPS 37 - snow in April

That's right, we got some earlier this week - and it's April, nearly May!

- Hip Hop Parade track, the Hilltop Hoods - Recapturing the Vibe
- Canadian Idol, woot Ryan!
- its nearly spring, but not quite
- NHL / Baseball ... wtf
- Golum's Eye
- naff is back!
- Ben Lee's podcast

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

SPS 36 - The Liam Interview

Liam from and I try to interview eachother. Sorry about the sound quality, I was yelling at wee Liam the whole time. Don't forget to check out Purple Platypus Podcast, cos it's sick as hell!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

SPS 35 - We Are Interconnected

- NOFX, 'The Man I Killed'
- Dr. David Suzuki said he agrees with me!
- being honest in job interviews is never a good idea
- "new-Canadian-music" Friday: Arcade Fire, 'Rebellion'
- sick with conjunctivitis
- Samantha says "podcasters are unattractive!"
- thanks for the emails Schmee, Michael, Darren, Chris & Stacey!
- yet another Ricky Gervais clip "why'd she kill her sister?"

thanks for listening!

Monday, April 17, 2006

SPS 34 - Ready for Summer

- the Strokes, "Some Day"
- spent the day playing basketball, bmxing and bbqing
- Liams
- job interview for future doctors summer induction program
- my awesome summer plans
- the Beatles, "Let It Be"

cheers, I'd love an email -

SPS 33 - Ontario Tourism Edition

  • Podcast's the word / any Coldplay fans out there?

  • Niagara Falls - helicopters, waterslides & crap museums!

  • Toronto - CN Tower, Scientologists, Apple Store

  • Suprise birthday party

  • books - Podcasting for Dummies, the Golem's Eye

  • Southpark

  • Malajube, 'Montreal -40c'

cheers for listening, send us an email at

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

SPS 32 - the Easter Show!

  • Blur - they're a top English band
  • Snails - do we need them?
  • a quick joke about Jesus
  • my brother is coming to Toronto!
  • going to Niagara Falls for Easter
  • I want a new mic ... maybe a snow ball mic
  • skype - talking to Shedtroll -
  • naff stuff - X-Men & Mission Impossible
  • another Blur song - Song #2

alrighty, thanks for listening - email me at, or skype me at hen-roy

Sunday, April 09, 2006

SPS 31 - Attitude Adjuster

whoa, long episode sorry!

  • Filipes got a ne xbox 360, & hes a cheater!
  • There's something about cocktails
  • 2 movie reviews: The Inside Man and The Benchwarmers
  • 3 great podcasts!
    • the Poddy (
    • the Grey Section Podcast (
    • the Nodcast (
  • my super expensive buzz cut
  • The Cat Empire, 'boogaloo'
cheers, email me at

Friday, April 07, 2006

SPS 30 - Screwed by Global Warming AGAIN!

some exciting news to start the show, my baby sisters said my name!

no afternoon break = get to leave 15 mins early

Styx concert! and I'm not going :(

too much time on the interent, not enough time reading

Jack Thomas, Australian member of Al Queda

naff stuff! cookies and

the New Pornographers, "The Bleeding Heart Show"

cheers for listening, an email would be tops -

Monday, April 03, 2006

SPS 29 - On a Winning Streak

- Randy Marsh, gambling guru!
- April fools pranks
- weekend wrap-up .... meh
- V for Vendetta
- naff stuff ... the Darkness!